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Qwert Qwertonium / Jan 04, 2016 / General

How to start
Dragon flight can be started in one of 2 ways
  1. A Travelling Wizard available every 2 hours starting from 10:30 AM PT (Pacific).
  2. [Golden Bell] purchased from the Zen store

Where are the dragons

The dragons are located in the circles on the above map.

What is the dragon order
We will be fighting the dragons based on the amount of players that join
  1. 5-19 : Red Dragon
  2. 20-30 : Red and Green Dragon
  3. 30-40 : Red , Green and Blue Dragon
  4. 40+ : All Dragons

What Rewards do the dragons give ?
The rewards are based on the amount of dragons that are killed it is important to plan the kill of dragons very carefully. Please stop at 5 % health of dragon and wait for OK by guild leasers to kill the dragon. The reason you have to wait is that once 1 dragon is killed only 1 minute is allowed to kill remaining dragons.During a dragon run pleas only use the say to communicate since the Guild chat will be used for the officers to give out directions like the kill order of dragons when dragons are below 5 %
  1. Vouchers/Strongbox of DF/Seals of Elements -- for taking down 1 dragon
  2. Fang of DF/Vouchers/Strongbox of DF/Seals of Elements -- for taking down 2 dragons
  3. Fang of DF/more Vouchers/Strongbox of DF/Seals of Elements -- for taking down 3 dragons
  4. Fang of DF/even more Vouchers/Strongbox of DF/Seals of Elements -- for taking down 4 dragons

When should i arrive?
Please try and gather at least 10 minutes before the run in stronghold.This will allow guild officers to orginize the run.

What do i need?

Please try and have [Greater Potion of Dragon Slaying] and [Greater Scroll of Protection from Dragons] before engaging the dragon. if you don't have any ask while gathering and the guild officers will try and provide enough to all players.

It is also advised to have as some injury kits available as the average player tends to die a few times during a DF run.

What dragon should i go to?

Before the run start the guild leader will call out your name and the dragon colour you should go to e.g.:

Qwert - Red

When Died
Please release once died and get back to dragon ASAP. Do Bot wait for someone to help you, this waste presious time and also place other player in danger.

During the fight Empowerers will come up on the edge of the battle area. The mobile DPS players should kill these as fast as possible as they make it harder to kill dragon.
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